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FILTEC Equipment

Global engineers and distributors

We have a growing Australasian demand in bespoke FILTEC customised engineering solutions.

FILTEC engineers are leaders in product knowledge, engineering and manufacturing. By placing the customer first, we work closely with plant operators and asset managers to identify pain points and develop solutions that will help reduce operating costs and minimise inefficiencies.

When you purchase from FILTEC, you are not only gaining access to extensive product knowledge and a lifetime of servicing, but the knowledge of how the equipment performs in hundreds of engineered systems and projects we’ve commissioned over many years.

A FILTEC trusted adviser can assist you in the selection of equipment and the supporting systems needed for your application. This is backed with the ability to offer training and optimisation of this equipment.

As well as customised engineered solutions, we are New Zealand’s biggest distributor of the most widely known and technologically advanced brands in the water and wastewater industry.