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Health & Safety

Employee Health and Safety

We are serious about the welfare of our employees and reducing work related accidents.

This enables us to operate in a safe manner that respects the health and safety of our employees, our clients, and the communities in which we operate. We will continuously improve our performance through finding safer ways to perform and execute our work both onsite and offsite.

How FILTEC keeps your safety first

Systematically identify and control all hazards in our workplace. Where there are significant hazards, we will take all practical steps to eliminate, isolate and inform to minimise risk and prevent injury.

Record all incidents and near misses in the workplace, factories and off site and take all practicable steps to prevent the events from happening again.

Make sure all safety stats and improvements are well communicated and visible to all team members.

All employees are given a full induction and orientation to identify potential risks.

FILTEC employees and contractors are NEVER sent to a job without the necessary training, permits, uniform or tools.

FILTEC employees working with wastewater are immunised against hepatitis A and B.

Vehicles and equipment are fully compliant – tested and up-to-date.

Once on site, all team members have to fill out a safety analysis of the site, risks and comply with the documents given by the staff supervisor, including reporting.

All sites are audited weekly by the site inspector, including an extensive final audit of all projects to ensure they comply with the recognised quality and health and safety standards.

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