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Te Marua reduces cost by installing a Chlorine Generator at their Water Treatment Plant.


Greater Wellington Regional Council recently installed a Siemens Wallace & Tiernan 186 kg/24hr Chlorine Generator to reduce costs and provide security of supply during emergencies at their Te Marua WTP.

The cost of producing an equivalent kg of Cl2 gas is approx. $1.10 +GST. This simple robust system uses salt and electricity and water to produce a liquid that is safer that Janola.

At the heart of the system are titanium anodes with a precious metal coating and Hastelloy C cathodes. Saturated brine is diluted with softened process water that has been warmed to above 12°C by heat exchanger.

The electricity applied to Anode and Cathode produce a solution of chlorine liquid with strength of up to 1%. This chlorine can be stored for months without major strength loss unlike commercial grade Hypochlorite which starts to lose strength soon after production.

The safety and security of OSEC chlorine has been recognised around the world for over 30 years.

Outside storage tank.

OSEC, rectifier and controller.

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