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AquaFlo Multimedia Sand Filter

AquaFlo - Small-scale

Product Information

For effective removal of sediment in a water supply system.

Sediment (or grit and turbidity) in your water supply may cause problems when it settles out in tanks, or plugs pipes and fittings. Household and plumbing fixtures can be stained, while washing machines, dishwashers or hot water cylinders may be permanently damaged.

An AquaFlo Multimedia Sand Filter is the best solution for removing visible solids (and thus turbidity), so you have clear water which won’t damage household appliances.

AquaFlo Multimedia Sand Filters are recommended for surface water supplied containing unacceptable levels of suspended solids and discolouration.

The filter consists of progressively finer layers of anthracite, sand, garnet and a gravel support layer. As the supply water travels through the filter bed, the suspended solids are removed (from 10 – 15 micron in size).

The filter bed is maintained in optimum condition by regular backwashing (either automatically (recommended), or manually), which simply reverses the flow through the filter flushing out accumulated dirt and reconditioning the filter material. The media lasts for many years so maintenance and running costs are very low.


  • High flow rate GRP reinforced polyethylene pressure vessels
  • Automatic or manual backwash
  • Filtration down to 10 – 15 micron
  • Flows up to 23 m3/hour per unit* with 8 models
  • Low running costs.

*Multi-unit options available for larger flow requirements


AQUAFLO is a division of FILTEC, specialising in small water treatment and filtration. Find out more about Aquaflow products


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