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Product Information

FILTEC Polymer Makeup Units provide you with fresh, consistent polymer in an automated process that meets the needs of your system.

Batching polymer manually can be a messy, time consuming affair and is often open to operator error. Additionally, once the polymer has been made up it has a shelf life of only 3 – 4 days, depending on the temperature, which ensures that the procedure must be repeated regularly.

The units wet out the polymer, mix it in a batch tank and then drain into the day tank. When the level on the day tank drops low enough to allow for another batch, then the batch tank will repeat the process over again.

The system is complete with control cabinet and password lockable controller that allows the operator to adjust all parameters. The feeder and the mixer are on VSD’s to allow the operator to control parameters for those units as well. The control cabinet is able to interface with the plant PLC alarm parameters.

Both the batch tank and the day tank are removable for maintenance and cleaning. The system contains a stainless steel shelf to mount your dosing pump(s) onto.


  • allow for consistent batching by removing human error
  • fully automated, complete with own control system (just keep the hopper full)
  • low maintenance
  • easily installed, turnkey package


FILTEC also offers a range of dosing pumps to complement the polymer makeup unit.

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