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NITRATAX sc UV Nitrate Sensors

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    Product Information


    • Wastewater
    • Drinking water
    • Agriculture

    Using advanced ultraviolet (UV) absorption technology, Hach NITRATAX sc UV Nitrate Sensors offer unprecedented simplicity, accuracy, and economy in nitrate analysis. By continuously measuring the UV light absorbed by nitrates, NITRATAX sc sensors eliminate the need for reagents, sample conditioning, and frequent calibrations.

    NITRATAX sc sensors rely on the principle that molecular bonds absorb ultraviolet (UV) light—in this case, nitrate (NO3) and nitrite (NO2) absorb UV light. As the concentration of nitrate or nitrite increases, UV absorption also increases. A built-in photometer measures the primary beam, while a second beam of UV light provides a reference standard and corrects for interference caused by turbidity and organic matter. Results are reported on the controller unit’s alphanumeric display in mg/L of nitrate (NO3) or nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N).


    • UV analysis eliminates reagents, sampling and sample conditioning
    • UV absorption method is proven, continuous and precise
    • Choice of Three Models
    • Self-cleaning sensor
    • Optional bypass panel
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