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Surface Scatter® 7 sc Turbidimeter


    Product Information


    • Drinking water
    • Wastewater
    • Industrial water

    The Hach Surface Scatter 7 sc Turbidimeter (SS7) is uniquely designed so that the light source and photocell never come in contact with the sample. In fluids with high loads of suspended solids this makes sample cell cleaning and replacement unnecessary.

    All wetted parts of the Hach SS7 turbidimeter are made with corrosion-resistant materials for extended life. The photo-detector and light source assemblies are protected from the effects of corrosive vapors and heated samples. The SS7 turbidimeter is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for two years from the date of shipment.

    Two Models for Different Applications

    Surface Scatter 7 sc Turbidimeter—Use the SS7 to establish and maintain optimum process control and for reliable monitoring.

    • Drinking water influent
    • Wastewater effluent
    • Flocculation and sedimentation
    • Industrial process water
    • Food processing waste containing starch, fat, or oil

    Surface Scatter 7 sc High Sample Temperature (HST) Turbidimeter—This is an SS7 turbidimeter designed to monitor samples with temperatures of up to 70°C. An innovative moist air removal system is useful where a difference between the sample temperature and the ambient temperature causes condensation and fogging. For use in applications such as:

    • Fluids ranging from raw water influent to corrosive white liquor
    • High temperature samples—up to 70°C
    • Corrosive white, black, and green liquor in paper mills
    • Produced water in oil fields containing oil and hydrogen sulfide
    • Wherever temperature differences cause condensation and fogging



    • Built to Last
    • Less fouling for easy maintenance
    • Two models for different application
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