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The Hydraclam® Water Quality Monitor


    Product Information

    The Hydraclam® Water Quality Monitor is a purpose-built system for monitoring water quality parameters within the potable water distribution system. It can either be adapted to fit directly onto a fire hydrant, which are typically found in chambers, located in most streets, or via a sample tapping located anywhere in the reticulation system.

    The Hydraclam is part of the Clam family of products and is designed to monitor turbidity, pressure and conductivity; the Chloroclam® monitor is designed to monitor chlorine levels. The data gathered is then uploaded via GPRS to a secure website. It can be used for targeted water monitoring within identified problem areas or more ideally, located throughout the distribution network to provide a comprehensive view of water quality.

    The Hydraclam water quality monitor utilises an optical turbidity sensor to ensure accurate and reliable results. Water is purged before each measurement to give a fresh sample for continued accurate and representative readings.

    Each Clam unit is powered and communicates to the logger. The logger provides the GPRS, GSM communication system required to transmit the sampled data to the central database. The unit takes regular measurements and the data is stored locally for later transmission. Data is periodically uploaded to the secure database so any measurements that breach preset limits are immediately transmitted.

    Hydraclam units are designed to be installed at any strategic point where connection to the potable water main is possible and the pressure is between 1-10 bar. The logger should be mounted in a position to allow optimal chance of GPRS network connection.


    • Sampled remote monitoring of turbidity and pressure
    • Accesses the water main via hydrants
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Wireless communications and alarms
    • Data accessed via a secure web portal
    • Battery powered operation and communications allows hassle free review of quality data feed
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