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Product Information

The SFC series of instrumentation provides for the continuous measurement and control of a wide variety of water quality parameters. As a single input device, the SFC unit can be used to monitor any one of a number of different measurement technologies and perform a related control function suited to the specific application. The SFC system can control automatic v-notch positioners in gas feed systems, such as the V10k™ and V2000™ systems, or automatic stroke length positioners and variable speed drives in dosing pump systems to maintain a setpoint concentration. For multiple measurement applications, the MFC analyser / controller is available.

The SFC analyser / controller is a modular system consisting of a wall or panel-mounted electronic module, a flow cell module and a plug-and-play sensor measuring module. The SFC unit can be configured as an analyser only, with over 10 different measurement choices, a set-point or flow proportional controller or a combined analyser / controller. The additional control function offers an easy,software selectable range of control modes from flow proportional to compound loop with “fuzzy-logic” autotuning. Utilising the CAN sensor actuator bus allows communication between electronic modules if more than one parameter is being measured. This can be particularly useful for pH-corrected free chlorine measurement with the DEPOLOX® 5 flow cell and a pH sensor.



  • Permits the use of the Wallace & Tiernan® potentiostatic sensors used in the DEPOLOX® 5, Micro / 2000® and Deox / 2000® modules
  • For use with Strantrol® ORP and Strantrol pH measurement modules that are well proven industrial and wastewater disinfection applications
  • Four different control modes can be selected
  • Measurement and control of individual or multiple parameters when combined using a CAN sensor / actuator bus
  • Simple configuration and operation
  • Data connection to SCADA via 4 – 20 mA output, Web technology via optional
  • ChemWeb-Server and to optional PROFIBUS® DP, Profinet® IO or Modbus® TCP fieldbus modules
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