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Wallace and Tiernan Multi-Function Controller


    Product Information

    The MFC (multi-function controller) is the most accurate, reliable and versatile instrument for analysis and control of disinfection processes in drinking water, process water and wastewater applications. With the ability to analyse multiple water quality parameters, the MFC controller provides the most complete picture of critical disinfection chemistry in a single device. To ensure optimum use of chemicals and lower risk of over or under feeding, the MFC controller utilises intelligent and disinfection-specific control schemes. With an extensive array of communications capabilities such as Profibus®, Profinet® and Modbus® protocols, the MFC system can be easily incorporated into plant-wide control systems.

    Multiple measurements in a single device The MFC controller simultaneously supports up to four water quality measurements in a single flow cell providing the most complete overview of the disinfection process. The most typical configuration includes chlorine, pH, ORP, conductivity as well as temperature.

    Not only does the MFC controller measure multiple water quality parameters, but it also displays trending data to help visualise, diagnose, predict and simplify calibration in the field.


    • Accurate, reliable and versatile analysis and control
    • Minimises cost and risk of disinfection process
    • Intelligent and fully configurable control schemes
    • Supports Profibus, Profinet, Modbus protocols
    • Simple to operate and maintain
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